how to update iphone software / iphone 4

update iphone software if you need to put a days your iphone, you are reading the right article. Updating your iphone will allow you to avoid potential security risks and take advantage of new features. In this post I will teach you how to update the iphone with itunes on your computer.

You must have itunes on your computer, if you do not have itunes, I you tips to download online. Launch itunes on your computer. Click on the 'itunes' from the menu at the top of the screen and select "check for updates" menu drop-down. Is there is an update to itunes, install it front of disgust. Connect the iphone to the computer using your supplied data cables. The iphone name in any second as "peripheral" in the left side of itunes browser panel.

Now click on the name of the iphone to select it and see iphone summary page. Click on "check for updates" on the summary page. If it is a an update for your device, itunes tells you. Download the update to install the latest version of the software for your iphone. Carefully follow the instructions on the screen. Do not unplug the iphone until the process was complete. All my delitation you have to update your iphone.

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