free touch games - Spartacus: Blood and sand play Gladiator

This morning I just found a lime gladiator games spartacus:bloog and sand .I like a lot of fighting games, this why I decided to share this game, for all those gladiator games so here
a great game you.

spartacus:bloog and sand
the character of this game is in 3D, with beautiful scenery, a lot of effect for blood.
this game offers great realism and surprising in the blood in the world spartacus sand. enter the arena. hear the deafening roar of the crowd. prepareto fight it.! Roman legions were dishonored, you need not revenge theirblood and brutality. this game is available on Astor for $ 0.99 Earth Vs Moon.

rumors iphone 5 - The new iPhone will come next month will have 1GB of RAM

The new iPhone will come next month will have 1GB of RAM, asource familiar with the system on a chip manufacturing will9to5mac.

thanks to this update, will soon be iphone5 a range of height of the top smarphoes androis, which are themselves equipped to1GB.
Apple said that the iphone5 allow for a apparaeil connected toboth GSM and CDMA.

iphone music : how to transfer music from iphone to computer or pc

if you want to tranfer your songs on your PC or your office, Song Exporter Pro is the app you need.
Song Exporter Pro let you transfer songs via Wi-Fi you have on your iPhone ,ipod or ipad  of any computer on your network. iTunes is not necessary.

 Now you can save your favorite songs free, the PartG with your friends, family and colleagues to work. you can place directly with any media player.

song pro allows exporting access to your music library on your device using a web interface easy to use yet powerful, allowing you to easily select your songs to the player or telchargement with sorting and instant search.

Freely access to your songs any of your computer What networks.
exporting songs is an excellent pro apps that will allow you to transfer your songs to any computer from your iphone.

100,000 download iphone wallpapers on your car

hello everybody, ca tell you recvoir pictures of the last car out, if so, here are the apps that you need.

100,000 + wllapapers because hd is  apps that lets you know about the last car out and those that emerge in the future.

wallalpapers with high definition and apps very easy to navigate, drag, zoom and pinch.
the car enthusiast can get a lot of idea about innovative car and can find your righteous from here.

you can choose your favorite and save, you can share your favorite social networks twitter facebook year.
  you can find the apps on Astor, it costs $ 2.99

iphone apps | how to transform your iphone into clock and alarm clock

 Panasonic iPod/iPhone Compact Clock Radio, AM/FM Radio, Dual Alarm and Clear Vision Sound (Black)Sony ICFCS10iP Speaker Dock with Alarm Clock and Radio for iPod/iPhone (Black)Sony ICF-C7IP Clock Radio for iPod and iPhone with Hidden Sliding Dock TrayiHome iA5 App-Enhanced Alarm Clock Speaker System for iPod and iPhone (Black)
for those who want to use their iPhone as an alarm clock or clock, I have the app that you need.

clock powerful: transforem your iPhone or iPod touch into a bright digital alarm clock.

it has useful features, with clock power you did not need your old alarm clock.
carasteristique of some powerful clock:
  • Wake up with music of your favorite songs alrmes. 
  • soundscapes you can rest on white noise or your favorite music. 
  • report local temperature and time with gps weather. 
  • vibration alarm is unqiue available for iphone. 
  • display your clock in 12/24 
  • auto-lock option to conserve battery vore. 
  • quality time retina. 
  • IOS4 build for multitasking.

wallpaper for iphone | HD 10000 Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad Free

hi, tell you ca download thousands of wallpaper on your iphone, ipod and ipad free, if that is so I think I have the app that you need. 
walllapers HD is available on your appstore apps that you can download for free and easily.

wallpapers hd is an app that has put thousands of available wallpaper high definition, so you can download any IOS device.
 designers who are creating these high quality wallpaper worked tirelessly to create the wallpaper anime for you to take full advantage of the screen the retina crouistillante available on the iphone4, ipodtouch and release the full potential of your visual apparatus.

this apps is available only in English language.

to help you better enjoy this apps, the wallpaper have been sorted by popularity and Hassard. 
custom wallpapers for each device equipped with the ability to share on Twitter and Facebook.

free photo editor - 17 iphone apps free photo editor

I love making my adrenal editing photos I share with Facebook. 
I did my editing using my iPhone with applications that support m has made great editing.also read this article to learn how to create iphone ringtones
amateur or professional photographer 20 apps to help make editing your photos from your iPhone:

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photo Shop is the best for editing photos, it allowed me made ​​beautiful montage. 
Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to use the software with a simple gestures to quickly edit and share photos. 
Adobe Photoshop Express is free on App Store.

Magic picture features the widest selection of high quality photographic effects to the App Store.

feature-rich photo editing for your iphone. You will benefit from having all the essential tools in an editing application.
  iretouch is highly optimized to allow for many photo editing tools.

a potion to rotate the image with camera or not registered image in original resolution to roll the camera.

functional app to make your face in 3D.

a great apps that can makes something crazy with your photos.

if you ask what you would have the air like a new nose? or hair, bouxhe, ears, wrinkles .... or blue eyes ..

what apps can do some funny image by adding some weight too.
  fatbooth is a very popular app.

helps build momentum, additional color to any photo that could benefit from it something more.

over 300 stickers to create your cute photo of cute pocket. 
Photo sticker afford to add frames to your photos, add stickers to your photo,add drawing to your photo, add text over the image ...

Auto Adjust is the only app that lets you make adjustments to your image intantanement.

PhotoPad is an easy to use, premium photo editing app. designed for the IPAD, now available on iPhone

PhotoPad allow rotation of the image, resize the image, drawing / sketing, select the colors ...

Print allows you to add a watermark to photos of your visual iphone.

filterstorm has been designed from the ground To respond to the needs of photo editing.

using a touchscreen interface designed carefully filterstorm allows to edit photos.

filterstorm contains a suite of powerful tools, including the handling of curves,capabilities of color correction, noise reduction, sharpness ....

gain control and more fun with collages on your iphone. 
you can import photos from blibliothese or pasting pictures.

you can make digital scrapbooking, this will allow you to have beautiful photos.

7 million users like Instagram.
can Choose from one of the many wonderful effects flitree or til-Shifa blur to breathe a new life to your mobile pictures 
share your photos in a single stream with friends. 
you can share your photos on twitter, facebook, flickr, timblr ...

iphone apps best - Top 10 apps that your iPhone needs

here's a video with a lste top 10 apps for the iphone. these apps were selected with great care 10 of these what is your favorite apps

iphone 5 : official release of iphone5 for September 5

an executive of Swisscom explained that the new iphone5 will come out in usa  September 5, 2011 as the rumor had said before, but on the other contries including swisscon
it takes one month to get the iphone 5.

yesterday Verizon and Apple has stated that the communication that the iphone5 released in the fall, it will mean that the iphone will be belly usa September 5, on the site assumed that AT & T
will release in the first instance, Verizon and Sprint will follow the other.

phone5 going to feature Bluetooth 4.0, but not compatible with NFC liquid spray in the longer term.

tv on iphone : watching televison free iphone with tv blinq

with blinq you can watch your favorite free from your iphone.

3.0 BLINQ TV connected to the first distance. thanks to the blinq telepectateurs are empowered to find and watch programs that they like and discover interesting televison programs based on their personal preferences and their friends. TV programs are ranked by their popularity, rather than by the channel lineup tradictionnnels.

combined with fresh orb form infrared transmitter, known as the "q", which s' plugged into the headphones of all generation iphone, ipod touch and ipad we transform your device into a universal REMOTE CONTROL jack.

to obtain a free Q has your favorite color, you must purchase the $ 9.99 for IR functionality using ln app and purchase the equipment will be delivered at home for free.
the q is available in four colors: black, white, blue and orange.

apps appstore available on your shop and watch over 1000 channels on your mobile telphone

how to watch tv on iphon - watch tv on your iphone with TV XFINITY

xfinity will give you the opportunity to have in the palm of your hands a world of entertainment.

watch your TV shows and movies on your iphone4, iphone and ipod touch Patout you go.
 controller you can your TV, tv listings and on-demand research and program your DVR recordings directly from your device.

   XFINITYTV AND  ELITE TV you can watch thousands of hours of TV shows and film follow the link to learn more about xfinity watch tv channels on your milleirs iphone

how to sync my iphone 4 wireless

Apple iPhone 4G 32GB Quad-band World GSM Phone (Factory Unlocked)WiFi sync to your iPhone can sync wirelessly with iTunes at the touch of button. with Wi-Fi sync you will never need cable us.

  you can wirelessly synchronize your music, application, movies, contacts, calendars, books and photos.
Your iPhone will appear in itunes as if it was connected!
sinchroniser you can start from your car, in bed ... when it suits you

                                          Here is a demonstration of Wi-Fi Sync
                                                 This is available on cydia apps aStore

iPhone 5 will be delivered with dual LED flash

Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone 32GB (AT&T)the rumors in the market have recenment indicates that the iphone5 is susceptible to come with a dual LED flash with Taiwan-based firms the amballage Everlight LED electronics, Edison Opto and Lite-On Technology was identified as suppliers pottentiels. all related companies denied that they are involved in the production of dual-LED flash.

rumors come amidst reports of work indicating that apple has reduced commeandes Lumileds has high power flash LED products from Philips has recently changed and controls LED flashes to the leaders of Taiwan.

iphone 4 : Apple Starts Selling Unlocked iPhone 4 in the U.S.

Apple iPhone 4G 16GB White Quadband World GSM Phone (Factory Unlocked)Apple iPhone 4G 16GB Quadband World GSM Phone (Manufacturer Unlocked)
mashable has confirmed the rumors that have arisen during the weekend, Apple started selling the unlocked version of iphone 4 in Apple stores.

the GSM model of the iphone 4 is available to the purchase contract without support, while the CDMA model is still tied to a contract virizion.

follow the link to see the full article  Apple Starts Selling Unlocked iPhone 4 in the U.S.:

best iphone themes - 55 free downloads for your iphone

55 Refreshing iPhone Themes and Icon Sets: a collection of 55 themes to download for your iPhone. consist of all the themes of all styles you may like for your iPhone. Follow the link and download at will

flash on iphone: now integrate flash on your iphone with skyfire

Installing flash on your iphone it will allow you to view the videos, play games and done something else. Flash content to be downloaded from the servers that will directly convert skyfire html 5 to make it visible in your web browser.

Skyfire allow users to play millions of flash video on web.

upload web pages that either the user agent of the iphone or traditional desktop browsers.

QuickView facebook keeps your facebook page loaded in the cloud easy, direct access to your news feed, profile, friends, inbox, events and places.

QuickView Twitter keeps you up to date on your twitter account which allows easy loading and allows you quickly explore the links in your feed needs without leaving your browser.
Skyfire is the first application to integrate flash with over 20 million download this application is available on AppStore for only $ 2.99. 

cydia apps:discover the magic shrink to manage icons

Here is a trick that will help you get a better experience with yoursmart phone iphone, icon display is having too difficult to manageand also very annoying for users iphone, here is a trick to help you better use of your iPhone at all confused. How to reduce the size of icons iPhone shrink. To help you better manage tens of applications on your iPhone, now with shrink applications you can reduce the size of the iconsso you can keep the aspect diagram of the home screen even when you add columns with application as fiveirows. Shrink is now available on Cydia store for $ 99

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