the best way to configure iphone 4s siri according steve job

You ask how to configure iphone 4s siri, this is my quick guide to help you iphone 4s siri.
Siri iphone 4s lets you use your voice and send messages, schedule meetings, phone calls and more.
You can do all those things just by talking about how you speak.
Siri understand what you say, knows what you hear and even talk back. Siri is very easy.

Siri on how to activate iphone

The first thing you did with the siri is starting to add your name if you want him to call you by name, and language you speak. To do this go to settings> general> Sir> my info.

iphone 4 siri
Choose your name from the contact list and siri will call you by name.
iphone 4s siri
                                                  Choose the language you want to use.
iphone 4s siri

You can make the 'change in the area too. They are very explicit, so that you will not need step by step.

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