tv on iphone : watching televison free iphone with tv blinq

with blinq you can watch your favorite free from your iphone.

3.0 BLINQ TV connected to the first distance. thanks to the blinq telepectateurs are empowered to find and watch programs that they like and discover interesting televison programs based on their personal preferences and their friends. TV programs are ranked by their popularity, rather than by the channel lineup tradictionnnels.

combined with fresh orb form infrared transmitter, known as the "q", which s' plugged into the headphones of all generation iphone, ipod touch and ipad we transform your device into a universal REMOTE CONTROL jack.

to obtain a free Q has your favorite color, you must purchase the $ 9.99 for IR functionality using ln app and purchase the equipment will be delivered at home for free.
the q is available in four colors: black, white, blue and orange.

apps appstore available on your shop and watch over 1000 channels on your mobile telphone

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